Marcello Napoletano – Keep It Deep Guest Mix

Mit seiner 12″ “A Prescription Of Love“, erschienen im Frühsommer des vergangenen Jahres 2009, hat er es vermocht, sich tief in mein Herz zu spielen. Nicht weniger eindrücklich und einprägsam auch sein erstes Künstleralbum “The Space Voodoo“, das noch vor Jahresende erschienen ist. Am kommenden Samstag, den 06. Februar 2010, wird er an der Seite von Alex Dallas und Ron Shiller in der Zukunft in Zürich sein Talent auch an den Plattentellern unter Beweis stellen. Gemeint ist – ihr konntet es ja bereits in der Überschrift lesen – Marcello Napoletano. Wie gehabt, zunächst ein paar Fragen an den jungen Produzenten und DJ, und anschliessend kommt der Mix.

1. Dear Marcello, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Marcello Napoletano DJ and producer.

2. When did your initial music spark ignite?

I started making music in 1999, I had an electro-acoustic project, played guitar and tried to proces it with a computer. Then I became interested to synth and drum machines and to house music. Now I do what I do.

3. Your home base and center of your life is Salento, a region that we do not immediately associate with electronic clubmusic, particularly with regard to House. When and where did you make initial contact with the thing called House?

In fact, Salento isn’t the home of electronic music or house, I did all without near influences but distant influences as detroit chicago and new york.

4. There was a golden age of House music in Italy in the very late 80ies and early 90ies. What do you think was the reason for such a fertile output?

I don’t know man. I love those period of house music. In fact in my dj set I played exclusive mid 90 works. Can be New York garage and Chicago and Detroit house

5. If you had to choose three records out of this period that stand out, which one would you pick out and why?

– foot therapy e.p.
– lood – shout n’out
– moodymann – don’t be misled!

6. Let’s turn to the recent past: you vaulted to tops with your first release, “A Prescription Of Love” on Jamal Moss’ label Mathematics recordings. Did you expect such a success?

What a success?

7. Your follow-up releases were, and still are, very well accepted. Where do you get your inspiration for your projects?

Go into the studio, switch on the machines and I let carry me by the my mood in those moments.

8. Who and what is your most important influence?

My influences are my preferite producers as Ron Trent // Chez-N-Trent, Kerri Chandler and Kenny Dixon Jr. My machines and my mood.

9. What are you currently working on?

I’m always on work , I’ll do my thing until I feel it.

10. What are your future plans?

I don’t know !wake up tomorrow morning?

Und hier geht’s endlich zum Mix:

Marcello Napoletano – Keep It Deep Guest Mix by keep-it-deep

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