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Nach einer Woche der zunächst arbeits-, dann infrastrukturbedingten Abwesenheit, wird durchgestartet, und zwar mit einem Podcast des japanischen DJs und Produzenten YOSA. Erste Tracks von ihm erschienen so um 2008, 2009, auf Compost Black oder Supplemental, dem Sublabel von Supplemental Facts, und im letzten Jahr erschien dann mit “Rough & Tough” seine erste EP auf Drumpoet Community. Dieser Tage wird er ein paar Gigs in unseren Breitengraden spielen, unter anderem am Samstag, den 19. Februar 2011 in Zürich’s Club Zukunft. Weitere Tourdaten siehe unten. Viel Spass mit dem Podcast.

1. Dear Yosa, would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m YOSA, born and grew up in Japan. I spent 3years in Europe when I was in high school. After graduating from it, I came back to Japan and started career as DJ/Producer. Now I’m 22 years old, and living in Tokyo.

2. You will tour Europe in February ’11. Have you been to Europe before?

As I mentioned above, I spent my high school days in Europe. 2 years in France, and 1 year in London, I had never had gigs in Europe anyway. I feel much better when I am in Europe rather than to be in Japan. I haven’t been to Europe since I graduated high school, so I’m so excited to be there after a long interval.

3. You spent two years in France and one year in England. How and where did you come to be affiliated with House music?

My mom have been teaching Jazz/House dance in home studio since I was just a little kid, so dance music have been really closed to my life since then. And my first contact with DJ culture was when I was in London. I was living in a dormitory, and the guy living next to my room had turntables in his room. He was a hip-hop DJ, and I also really liked hip-hop so, we practiced DJing together every night. That experience has been inspired me until now.

4. Who and what is your most important influence?

I’m influenced by all the stuff around me. By Books, Comics, Movies, Arts, Cities, People,… all of them.

Regarding music, the artists who really important for me are, Ahmad Jamal, Esbjorn Svensson, Madlib, Nujabes, Henrik Schwarz, Dixon and Shu Okuyama.

5. These days, you live and work in Tokyo / Japan, a city / country with a rich musical heritage. But House music also rates very high. What do you think are some reasons for it?

Japanese people, in particular people in Tokyo, are really enthusiastic to music. These days, “Dommune” which is the live streaming program via Ustream, is really popular in Japan. The program features on Dance music, and culture around it, and every program of it has been watched by thousands of people. I feel more and more people started getting interested in dance music in Japan.

6. What’s the actual club scene in Tokyo?

There are great clubs which I can be proud of to the world, the clubs like Eleven (ex. yellow), Womb, and Air. And there are great parties and scene in these clubs. However, the main acts and DJs of the parties are from Europe. If this situation continues, Japanese DJ will not be able to grow up. In order to improve Japanese club scene, Japanese DJs have to work more and more I think.

7. Could you recommend us any favourite venue or DJ we should check out when travelling to Tokyo?

The club you have to visit is definitely Eleven. It’s the new club of the world wide famous club Yellow, which had been closed in 2008. I think it’s the best underground club in Tokyo so far.

Also, there are many great DJs and LIVE acts in Tokyo as well. I strongly recommend to see DJ Nobu, Stereociti(Mojuba), Kez YM(Yore), Ryo Murakami, and DJ Sodeyama, when you have a chance.

8. You started music and producing your own releases very early. How would you locate yourself on a “House music map”?

I know I’m still just a rookie in this scene. Lots and lots of young producers have been emerging today, so in order to establish my own position, I will need to improve my quality of my music and DJing as well.

9. What three words describe your music?


10. Do you consider yourself a producer specifically or a dj?

In the meaning of express your music to the people, producing music and DJing are the same for me. DJ has to more concentrate on the crowd’s reaction though.

11. What are you currently working on?

I’m working on producing new tracks for EPs. I’m going to release more EPs this year and to the next year, in order to get more attention to my music from people around the world.

12. Any plans for your musical future?

More EPs, Remixes, and tour all over the world will come. I hope all of them come true!

YOSA Europe Tour 2011 Spring

Feb 18 (DJ) Bobbeaman, Munich w/Show-B
Feb 19 (LIVE) Zukunft, Zurich w/Alex Dallas, Lexx
Feb 25 (DJ) The T Room Sessions, Berlin
Feb 25 (DJ) Barbarella, Berlin w/Kyle Hall, Elie Eidelman
Feb 26 (DJ) Rockmarket, Frankfurt

Hier nun der Mix:

YOSA – Keep It Deep Guest Mix by keep-it-deep

English (short) version: after a short intermezzo caused by heavy workload and a wrecked internet infrastructure, keep-it-deep’s back on track with a guest mix first. Compiled and recorded by Tokyo / Japan based artist YOSA, it showcases the sound and style of this young up and coming dj / producer. As he will play several gigs in Europe in February, you might catch him live at a venue close to you. Enjoy!

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