Micha Venderbos – Keep It Deep Guest Mix

Der neue Podcast wurde zusammengestellt und abgemischt von Micha Venderbos, einem jungen Musikliebhaber aus Nijmegen. Tagsüber setzt er sich mit Gesetzen, Verordnungen oder Richtlinien auseinander – er studiert Rechtswissenschaft(en). Die ihm verbleibende wenige freie Zeit widmet er (Deep) House, (Detroit oder Dub) Techno. Er sammelt Platten, spielt hin und wieder in Clubs, und betreibt zudem ein eigenes kleines Blog, auf dem er sich gedanklich mit der ihm lieb gewonnenen Musik auseinander setzt. Ein ausgezeichneter Ausgleich, wie ich finde.

Dear Micha, would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Micha Venderbos, a 21 year old law student and music lover from Nijmegen, a small city in the Netherlands, but it’s actually the electronic capital of our country.

When did your initial music spark ignite?

Can’t really remember, I listen to all kinds of electronic music as long as I remember. It was around 2002 I think when I discovered some underground techno and house music, where I was quite fascinated about.

Who and what was your most important influence?

It’s hard to drop some names here, there’re so many things that affect what you’re doing, not only the musical stuff. But to focus on that, I can say what I’ve loved the last couple of years in the house/techno scene. A few names: Lawrence/Sten, Jus Ed, Patrice Scott , the dutch Newworldaquarium and Aroy Dee… But in the end, if it’s produced from the heart by passionate people, and not made out of other considerations, all music could touch me(and influence me). I strongly believe in this, things will become much more beautiful when you do it with honesty and attention.

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

I would say it’s a warm and sensitive deep sound, with a strong melancholical or emotional feeling, it could be house or sometimes more abstract techno, there’s not really a need to distinguish between them. Furthermore, I like to keep the BPM a bit slow, ‘The groove simply dissolves in a more beautiful way when it’s a bit slower’, to quote NWAQ. Not the music with the primary purpose to make you dance as quickly and heavy as possible, but the thought-provoking music that finds a way into your soul (hopefully).

Do you produce your own tracks? If so, what are you currently working on?

No, I do not feel a need at the moment to produce tracks. I just love mixing others beautiful music. I like this idea, to connect these works from great artists.

Do you spin records in a club on a regular basis?

Not really on a regular basis, but I’ve played recently quite a few times in my town Nijmegen, for instance in the infamous club ‘Doornroosje’, where you definitely need to go when you’re in Holland.

What are your future plans?

To keep on loving, playing and collecting music, to play these records for people, and maybe to organize some parties by myself.

Et voilà le podcast:

Micha Venderbos – Keep It Deep Guest Mix by keep-it-deep

Tracklist: later…

Mehr im Web:

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