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Das Guest Mix Feature des heutigen Abends habe ich schon sehr lange in Angriff genommen. Immer wieder war Leri Ahel, der Mann hinter der Radio Show “Mutant Disco”, welche jeden Samstag Abend von 21 bis 23 Uhr auf Radio Elektrana ausgestrahlt wird, zu beschäftigt, “too busy”, um einen Mix einzuspielen. Dafür hatte und habe ich vollstes Verständnis, zumal er seine Shows, welche den Bogen spannen von Soul, Funk, Disco und (Nu) Jazz hin zu elektronischer Musik, ob das nun House oder Techno ist, mit grosser Regelmässigkeit auf seinem Soundcloud-Account veröffentlicht, und man daher, verpasst man einmal seine Show, seine meiner Meinung nach stets bestechende Auswahl an Songs und Tracks nachhören kann. Umso mehr freue ich mich daher, heute Abend einen Guest Mix von ihm präsentieren zu dürfen. Here you go:

1. Dear Leri, would you like to introduce yourself?

Founder, presenter and editor of Mutant disco radio show from Rijeka/Croatia.

2. You’ve been hosting your own radio show “Mutant Disco” for quite a long time now. When did you start it and what was the motivation to launch your own radio show?

It actually hasn’t been such a long time. Mutant disco started a year ago on radio Svid in Croatia but was cancelled with all the other shows when the station was sold and then it moved to Exit festival’s Elektrana radio. The motivation to start my radio show was wanting to promote the music in an area in which the airwaves and dance-floors are monopolized by progressive house and minimal techno.

3. Did you produce a forerunner radio show before kicking off with “Mutant Disco”?

The forerunner show was also called “Mutant disco”. The difference was that it had short announcements with some info about the artists and it was more in a form of a dj set.

4. How well does the show get down with the public?

I was surprised to see how well the show went with the public even with those people who aren’t really fans of “electronic” music and how much popularity it has gained over the last year. Some shows which are podcasted trough Soundcloud have up to 1900 listeners.

5. When did your own music spark ignite?

My mum says it has sparked when I was a toddler. 🙂

6. Who and what is your most important influence?

That’s a tough one because there are too many to mention but a couple that spring to mind are Faze action, Nuphonic, Maurice Fulton, Patrick Cowley, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Fela Kuti, Matthew Herbert, Marc Moulin, Janko Nilović, Jimi Tenor and many many more.

7. How would you describe your own style // the style you are featuring in your radio show?

Anything goes. From nu disco, disco, italo, afrobeat, deep house, acid to downtempo.

8. Do you also produce own tracks?

I don’t produce for now. I would love to but I don’t have enough free time to do that.

9. What are your future plans?

Would like to reach wider audience and have more broadcasting stations to air the show. More live DJ performances are also on the wish list, but it depends on my free time.

Hier nun der Mix:

Leri Ahel – Keep It Deep Guest Mix by keep-it-deep

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