K.atou – Keep It Deep Guest Mix

Der heutige Guest Mix wurde eingespielt von einer jet setting Lady im wahrsten Wortsinne, K.atou. In Athen geboren, mittlerweile auch in Berlin beheimatet, Gigs in Italien, den USA und überall dort, wo getanzt, gefeiert und Musik zelebriert wird. Irgendwann im Spätsommer 2010 auch im Berliner Club der Visionäre, zusammen mit Margaret Dygas. Wenn ihr mehr über sie wissen wollt, lest euch das Frage-Antwort-Spiel durch, ansonsten hört euch nur das Mixtape an. Viel Spass.

1. Dear k.atou, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi Im Janet Marshall Davis today, hailing from the Mexico of Europe, Greece and I love techno and house in the early AM and Panamaxes.

2. When did your initial music spark ignite?

Since I was a lil’ girl, I was recording lil’ tapes with the “high state of consciousness”, played them at the kids parties and we were secretly drink Coca Cola.

3. Who and what was your most important influence? Who and what is it nowadays?

Zip, Perlon, Detroit, Chicago, Club der Visionaere in no particular order.

4. How would you describe your own style?

Dance music.

5. Do you produce your own tracks? What are you currently working on?

No me not at all. Loco Dice produces my tracks. But he is really slow so I haven’t released a record since 2008. But we’r working on it for this year so I can fulfill my promises to all the labels I said I will release at.

6. What are your future plans?

I’m planning to get pregnant on triplets in the next 2-3months. Cross fingers. jk. Other than that I wanna make more music, have a release or two this year and switch back to playing only vinyl. And buy a house at the beach. And find the father of the triplets. And get Genelec monitors. And go for fishing.

Hier geht’s nun zum Mix:

K.atou – Keep It Deep Guest Mix by keep-it-deep

Tracklist: maybe later…

Mehr im Web:

K.atou @ MySpace
K.atou @ Facebook
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  1. I Like K.atou – Keep It Deep Guest Mix. thanks for share. hope for tracklist. I am a blogger too and often visit your page looking for interesting music

  2. Hi K.atou….you are so beaty…..loves your sets…. please i need the tracklist of Keep It Deep Guest Mix……….pleeeeeease!!!….loves the track of min 16…..thanks and the underground never die with people are you…..good look ….byee!!!!

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