Gegenheimer – IPS (Back To The Raw) – Keep It Deep Guest Mix

Es ist Freitag, und somit ist es wieder einmal Zeit für eine neue Ausgabe in der Rubrik Guest Mix. Dieses Mal stammt er von Marco Gegenheimer, einem jungen schwedischen DJ und Produzenten, der seit einiger Zeit seine ursprüngliche Heimat gegen das temperamentvoll treibende und pulsierende Leben der katalonischen Hauptstadt Barcelona eingetauscht hat. Als Produzent ist er bisher auf dem kleinen Berliner Label Perplex Recordings in Erscheinung getreten, wo er in diesem Jahr zwei EPs, “de.EP.troit Part 1” und “de.EP.troit Part 2” veröffentlichen konnte. Weitere Releases auf Moodmusic stehen auch schon in den Startlöchern. Wer er ist, was ihn umtreibt, erklärt er im Folgenden, und danach geht’s zum Mix. Viel Spass!

1. Dear Marco, would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Marco Gegenheimer and I’m from Sweden. Currently, I’m living in Barcelona.

2. When did your initial music spark ignite?

It started when I was a little kid. I grew up listening to the rhythms of reggae, soul, funk, rock and flamenco thanks to my parents… That was the ignite, then I started listening to alternative undergound rock, Indie and post-punk and started playing guitar and drums in a band called Factious Combo… At the same time I got into dance music. My friend Hansi Güclüer in Stockholm taught me a lot about deep and raw rhythms. Detroit, Chicago, Berlin, New York, P-funk, Spiritual Jazz…

3. Who and what was your most important influence? who and what is it nowadays?

As a kid my biggest influence was without any doubt Michael Jackson. Now it’s all my musical background, the universe and especially the love of my life: Ilaria Piga Serra. I might sound a bit cheesy, but it’s true, she’s the main inspiration for all the tracks I make.

4. How would you describe your own style?

Profound & raw storytelling music

5. You debuted on perplex recordings in june, you released another ep on this berlin based label a couple of days ago. how came that you started to produce your own tracks?

Well, as I mentioned before, I played in a band when I was 16-19. When I moved back to Barcelona in the summer of 2008 I started DJing again after a long break from it since 2003, and I wanted to start making my own electronic music as well. Also 2 years ago I recorded some of my old guitar tracks fro 2003, and one of them “Spiritual Love” got included on Joris Voorn’s “Balance 014” mix and that made me want to start producing my own tracks even more.

6. What are you currently working on?

Well, the track selection for next years Moodmusic album with Jenius is basically done. Two more EP:s will come out on Moodmusic before that. Some future Perplex will come out next year, a track with Jenius on our label Ourvision Recordings which will be a lot of fun, and a bootleg from me and Jenius for Argy’s White Days in February. We’re also happy with our re-treatment of a Nick Chacona track called “Fear”, featured on the Keep It Deep mix. So that remix will be released on Moodmusic in February along with other remixes, from for example, one of my favourite prodcurers at the moment, Levon Vincent. There are some new unsigned tracks I’m working on and some that are finished already. So if anyone knows any label that like my music and could be interested, let me know 🙂

7. Is there a producer you’d love to work with?

Hmmm. Hard one. Probably Joe Claussell…

8. What are your future plans?

Go forward, stay humble, appreciate what I have in my life, always improve to become a better person and musician/producer.

Zum Mix geht’s hier lang:


Gegenheimer – IPS (Heart Of the Universe) [CDR]
Pat Metheny – Sueño Con Mexico [ECM]
Felt – I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You [Creation]
Ramp – Look Into the Sky [Blue Thumb]
Santana – When I Look Into Your Eyes [Columbia]
Osunlade – My Reflection (DJ Gregory Acapella) [Defected]
Mark E – Night Mover [Creative Use]
Moodymann – Tribute [Peacefrog]
Schatrax – Aliene’s Journey [Schatrax]
Chaton – Cath the Beat (Agnès Remix) [STHLM Audio]
Quarion – Turn Off the Lights [Retreat]
Kerri Chandler – Back To the Raw (Ruff Mix) [Deeply Rooted House]
The Mountain People – 008.3 [Mountain People]
Marlow – Digga [Room With a View]
Nick Chacona – Fear (Gegenheimer & Jenius Fear and Loathing Re-interpretation) [Moodmusic]
Lalo Schifrin – Theme From Jaws (Maurice Fulton Re-interpretation) [Sony]
Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix) [Airtight]
Oni Ayhun – 003 B [Oni Ayhun]
Brian Eno & David Byrne – Vocal Outtakes [Nonesuch]
Canyons – Blue Snakes [I’m a Cliché]
Coral Way Chiefs – Release Myself [Murk]
Levon Vincent – Solemn Days [Deconstruct Music]
Underground Resistance – Journey Of the Dragons [Underground Resistance]

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