Frantic – Keep It Deep Guest Mix

Die Jungs von Sleazy Beats, Monsieur Monod, Harry O’ Boogie, Kris Percy und Frantic sind Musikliebhaber par excellence. Auf ihrem Blog, zu finden unter, featuren sie eine Vielzahl sogenannter Mid Tempo Electronica-Musik zwischen (Deep) House, Disco, Soul und Funk. Und genau diese Zutaten verarbeitet Frantic in seinem Guest Mix für keep-it-deep. I highly recommend! Doch zunächst darf sich Frantic ein wenig vorstellen:

1. Dear Fran, would you like to introduce yourself?

I am 31 and live just south of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. I’m married with two children and work a full-time 9 to 5 job. Oh, and I love music… especially when it is pressed to vinyl.

2. When did your initial music spark ignite?

I fell in love with music during long car rides and house cleaning sessions with my mother. It was the 80s, and she would listen to bands like INXS, Prince, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, 10,000 Maniacs, and The Police, so that is what I listened to. I think “King of Pain” was my favorite song from age 4 until about 12, when I discovered heavy metal. That took me to grunge in 1994… then my first rave in ’98… The last ten years or so have been an electronic wonderland. Musically, it’s been an amazing and fulfulling journey.

3. Who and what is your most important influence?

My most important influence are the people around me… My wife and my close friends. Their opinion means everything to me, and it tends to guide a lot of what I don’t play. I am of course guided by my musical past, but also influenced by DJ sets I find on the internet. I spend countless hours both at work and at home in front of a computer, so I end up downloading and listening to a crazy amount of music. Between blogs and message boards, I have more music to listen to than there is time in the day. That’s bound to influence a person.

4. How would you describe your own style?

It has always been electronic music with a tinge of the disco and funk… but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the real thing. I love my house music. I’m not really into playing much dirty, gritty, or dark music. I try to keep things entertaining, and what I like to play tends to be fairly accessible. I guess you’d call it happy-disco-house-funk with a few surprises.

5. Do you produce your own tracks?

I’ve messed around with producing music since 2004. It’s all been on the computer with programs like Reason and Ableton. I’ve come up with some stuff I’ve enjoyed, but nothing I would buy, if you know what I mean. Honestly I’m a DJ at heart and haven’t devoted the time it would take to learn to produce a proper song. I like to play other people’s music! There is just so much good stuff out there, and so many people are not hearing it. I feel that I can connect those dots.

6. What are you currently working on?

Two close friends (DJ’s Monsieur Monod and Kris Percy) and I run the Sleazy Beats blog, which has recently morphed into Sleazy Beats Recordings. Our first 12″ with Eddie C has just hit record stores, and we’ve got some amazing stuff planned ahead. We’re really excited about a lot of the low tempo, disco, edit, electronic-funk sounds that are being released right now. We’re trying to push that with our blog, our DJ mixes and our record label.

7. What are your future plans?

I think mix CDs and downloadable DJ sets are really where my focus is for the immediate future. I want to keep putting together mix compilations of music that I enjoy, and getting it recorded and passed out to anyone that cares to listen. Watching or reading about someone discovering something simply because I put it in front of their nose always brings me unbelievable joy.

Hier geht’s zum Mix:


Moody – Rectify [KDJ]
Cro-Magnon – Love Bite [Jazzy Sport]
Phantom Slasher – Bethlehem [Noid]
Drawbar – Leave That Ol’ Devil Alone [Counterpoint]
Diplomats of Solid Sound – Plenty Nasty [Record Kicks]
The New Mastersounds – Drop It Down (B rmx) [Record Kicks]
James Brown – Get On The Good Foot [Polydor]
33 1/3 Queen – Disco Four (Ray Mang’s mangled mix) [Tu Rong]
Heatwave – Goin’ Crazy (Fat Camp edit) [Disco Deviance]
Conor – Living Dead (assisted by Stranger) [Rong]
Eric Legnini Trio – Rock The Days (Blackjoy rmx) [Discograph]
Tensnake – TheThenUnknown [Running Back]
Trus’me – Trus’us [Prime Numbers]
Rainer Truby – To Know You [White/RT]
Kenny Dixon Jr. – January [White]
Tim Shumaker – On and Off [So Much Style]
Jesse Rose – Black Coffee [Dubsided]
Swag – Peasouper [Version]

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