ResidentAdvisor – Manuel Tur Podcast

Jetzt mal ehrlich! Der hier war doch schon längst überfällig. Oder?! Und weil die Einleitung so schön ist, gibt’s sie hier gleich noch einmal:

Essen’s Manuel Tur is the definition of a wunderkind. After starting to listen to electronic music at a young age, he stuck his head into the production game at the ripe age of 16, and hasn’t looked back since—releasing records under his own name, Arcade Mode, Blackbird, Jermaine Jones, Tweeq and as part of Knabberbox, Dplay, Ribn and Ufoboys. To put it bluntly, the kid has had a lot of practice in a very short time…” (Quelle:

Hier geht’s zum Podcast:


1. Mark Pritchard – Unknown – Ho Hum
2. Manuel Tur ft. Blakkat – Golden Complexion (Pépé Bradock’s Minnie Mouth Mix) – Freerange Records
3. Phillip Charles – (Mark Bell’s) Revolution – Shaboom
4. Precious System – The Voice From Planet Love – Running Back
5. Syclops – NR17 – DFA Records
6. Newworldaquarium – Trespassers (Redshape Trespassed Mix) – Delsin
7. Yusef Lateef – The Three Faces Of Balal (Grandfather Paradox Version) – BBE
8. Marco Bernardi – Mystery Of Nazerus – Clone Records
9. Kassem Mosse – 08 / B1 – Workshop
10. Martyn – Elden St – 3024
11. Prostitune – Money Nugget – Just Another Beat
12. Dplay – Browse (Ribn Remix) – Drumpoet Community
13. $tinkworx – Coelacanth – Strange Life

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